OpenCart v1.4.9.3正式版


– BUG: Notice: Undefined index: postcode_required if country set to please select
– BUG: customer checks out and wants to change either the Shipping or Payment address, a “The page you requested cannot be found” error appears
– BUG: Homepage modules cannot use document library class methods because the “header” module was loading before the homepage modules.
– BUG: Disabling Bestseller items causes the limit to be (limit-1)
– BUG: setting controller had copy/paste bug for icon/logo check
– BUG: php.ini setting “max_upload_filesize” should be “upload_max_filesize” which explains why it didn’t work
– BUG: Paypal standard sandbox mode shows “text_testmode” instead of the correct testmode message
– BUG: Postcode callback for address page was wrong
– BUG: When reviews disabled, sort by still shows reviews in list
– BUG: undefined index: default on customer edit screen for multiple addresses
– BUG: mail subject and sender were not decoding html for “, &, ‘, ø, etc causing mail not to send

– Additional attempts to get rid of the cache unlink error messages
– Paypal passing of state and phone for credit card address
– Copied products are disabled by default and marked with [*]
– Product Price Column on Product List page including special price
– Google Base Feed support for currency (USD, EUR, GBP)
– Removed “self” from related products and category parents
– Improved document class loading in header.php
– Enhanced currency library functions
– Added Trim to address details to avoid spaces
– Added UCWords to address details to auto capitalize
– Alternating color rows for admin lists
– Added x_invoice_num to
– Added slight improvement to category caching for empty categories
– Added support for discounts greater than product total for paypal standard
– Added Hawkey’s improved version of Admin Order Edit. This version comes with the following improvements and limitations:
—- It will allow you to add or delete products and it will update the Subtotal, TAX and Total.
—- It will also recognize if a product is a Special even-tough it will not show the special price in the list
—- It will recognize Quality discount with date, customer group, and quantity.
—- It will NOT let you change the payment nor the shipment method.
—- It will NOT let you change the Shipping costs.
—- Be aware that if you change the sort order of the “Extension->Order Total” area, it will not map correctly to the values in previously edited orders.