OpenCart v1.4.9 RC1開放測試

opencart終於又要推出新版本了,雖然離上一版本發佈時間才短短2個月不到,證明opencart的發展是持續且快速的,根據官網發佈的最新消息,8月15日推出OpenCart v1.4.9 RC1開放測試,相信很快就有正式版本可以使用了,有興趣的愛好者可以先行下載使用和測試,如果測試中有發現bug也請回報,讓開發者能夠順利進行除錯,以下就列出這次官網發佈的訊息和下載地址,其中包含了這次改版所改進的項目和新增的一些功能簡述

– Fixed additional email for loop issue causing “Please Wait” and “Error Send To Required”
– Improved featured products query to make all status checks and return all pertinent data to match latest and bestseller queries.
– If no shipping, tax zone set to buyer’s payment zone instead of default store zone
– Session uses full path for session to prevent session sharing
– Removed unneeded products variable from admin order.php
– Removed error on empty language file
– admin/controller/catalog/review.php double text validation cleaned up
– Admin Order Edit was completely redesigned. Now supports product options & updated totals

– Feature Module uses category-style selector for products
– Extension install/uninstall hook. Now when you install/uninstall extensions, if they have their own install/uninstall functions, they will be triggered.
– Logout destroys session completely.
– sort by model
– Cache for featured products
– Image class supports proper extension name on resize and transparency for png and gif.
– Extensions will “self-clean” if the files are deleted without uninstalling the extension first.
– Restored “Show Out Of Stock warning” option in setting
– Parent Category pages show image next to description
– CheckAll to all checkbox lists
– Postcode required by default now on all account, address, and guest address pages
– Coupon code can be entered on Payment AND Confirm page, for those payments that skip the payment page
– New Paypal Improved. Itemized products, PDT support, debug messaging and more.

– Admin Order “Entry” is NOT included and will not be for 1.4.x. There are mods available to help admins enter orders.
– Admin Order “Edit” is completely redesigned to focus on the products. Ajax is used to update the product list instantly. However, to see updated totals, you will need to refresh the page. I will see if I can get that added before final release, but it is not a priority. No other fields are editable at this time. If it really a desired option I will see about quickly adding editing addresses to the next RC release.
– Admin Order “Edit” converts all prices to the currency of the original order for convenience.
– Admin Order “Edit” offers a free form Tax field. It adds to the actual product total but not to the the actual tax total. This means the tax line won’t update but the main total will still be correct. This is due to the way that totals are stored in opencart order_total table. There is no discernible way to track which of the totals is the tax.

Let me know if there are any issue in either this thread or the “[RC1 ONLY] Post any OpenCart 1.4.9 RC1 Bugs here!” thread 🙂

OpenCart v1.4.9 RC1版下載